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I have failed!!!

I attempted to make apple bread last week one day!  I have failed.  And failed terribly!  I don’t recall ever a time when I have baked something that did not get eaten in my house!  This was it!  In fact, we threw more than 1/2 of it out!

I refuse to give up!  I want to find a recipe to try again!  Anyone?  Please?  Have a recipe that you love for apple bread?  I need to bake again!  I need to succeed at this!


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Wealthy Apples

I realized that I didn’t share what apples we were trying.  The variety is Wealthy.  The orchard that we bought them at classifies them as a cooking apple, but I have to say, we have enjoyed a couple already just as they are!  They make a great eating apple in my opinion.  They are a little tart, but very crisp and I love the white flesh inside!

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Help me please!!!!  I am currently working on a surprise birthday party for someone very special!  This person has fallen in love with a cake from a local bakery that is to die for!  Trust me!  3 layers of wonderful cake with a layer of this even better White Chocolate Mousse Filling between the layers that is almost as thick as the cake itself!  It is not overpowering at all.  In fact, it is very smooth, creamy, and light tasting.  Here is the catch.  I don’t want to just buy a cake…I want to make it!  That is where I hope to get some help!  Anyone have a recipe that they would like to share.  I have about 1 month to find and perfect whatever is out there…I’ve never made mousse before…so I need the time!  If you could help, send me a link to your site and I will be sure to post the results here and give you full credit!!!  Thanks to all!

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Menu Planning???

When I started this blog, it was with the intention of planning a menu for my family and sticking with it.  As many of us across this great country are experiencing, money is tight right now and what better way to be sure that we are using the food that we buy.  Plan a menu, based on the local grocery flier if it helps, and stick to it.  Lot less waste…lot more yummy meals that you may not have made otherwise right?

That being said, we found ourselves in a rut with the menu planning and I found myself making the same meals over and over and over again.  Then I grabbed out an old cookbook…you know, the ones that you get from church groups, day cares, etc.  The ones with REAL recipes that someone has actually made.  The ones with ingredients that you actually can find in a small town grocery store.  Oh, and better yet, you can pronounce the ingredients!  So we are adding some of these recipes to our menu over the next several weeks.

And the best part…found some handwritten ones from my Grandma!!!

How about you?  Do you menu plan?  A week at a time?  The whole month?

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First things first. I am a working mother of 2 who prides herself on the fact that I keep a happy home. This may mean dirty dishes in the sink from time to time, an oven that gets cleaned only when something has bubbled over creating that wonderful smoke smell the next time you turn it on, or a load of laundry that might have gotten forgotten… But I instead choose to enjoy life with children. That said, I try to cook things that are EASY.

Disclaimer #2. I am not a chef. I do not claim to have written these recipes from scratch. I do however very rarely cook a recipe by the book. So everything I posted has been tweaked a time or two. If I know the source of a recipe, I will cite it and let you know what I changed from the original. Keep in mind, many of the recipes I have in my collection have been handed down for many generations.

That being said….ENJOY

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Welcome to my new blog.  Boy am I about to make your life easier…mine too…

I have just started menu planning for my family.  Something I have NEVER done before.  Trial and error, but I have high hopes that this is going to save our family money, cut way down on the number of fast food visits or frozen chicken nuggets we eat, and allow me to get back to what I truly love…time with my family and cooking! 

Besides, someone has to teach my children that there is more to life than happy meals and frozen dinners!  And who better than me to do that.  I want them to experience the kind of childhood I had.  Always a warm, home cooked meal!

I’ll post each recipe and a picture of it as soon as I can.  Hope to get something out at least every other day!

Happy cooking (and eating)!

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